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Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Pump for Aluminum

The Working Principle of Electromagnetic Pump of liquid Aluminum is based on the principle of linear motor. A traveling wave magnetic field created by special coil structure when EMP working, after interaction with molten aluminum will appear electromagnetic thrust
AC-DC-AC Frequency Conversion Aluminum Electromagnetic Stirrer

AL-EMS Aluminum Electromagnetic Stirreris used in primary aluminum, secondary, foundries and refining aluminum process. We can equip customized Electromagnetic Stirrers for aluminum melting and holding furnaces based on different needs. Used Stirrers for aluminum furnaces in primary aluminum process can make aluminum alloy liquid components uniform. In scrape recycling process will improve molten effect, reduce burning loss of alloy
Electromagnetic Stirring for semi-solid Forming of Metal

The principle of electromagnetic stirring for semi-solid deformation of Al Alloy, The technology of Annulus EMS for preparing semisolid,Electromagnetic stirrer for semi-solid metal is to crash precipitated dendrite into granules by electromagnetic induction power
Annealing furnace

Annealing furnace, annealing furnaces for aluminum coil and sheets,annealing furnaces for aluminum foil
Homogenizing Furnaces

Homogenizing Furnaces, Homogenizing furnace for Al-billets, Homogenizing furnace for Al-slabs
Other Aluminum Furnace

Aging furnace,Quenching furnace,Casting tip heating furnace ,Secondary Aluminum well furnace
Electromagnetic Pump for liquid Metal

Electromagnetic Pump for Liquid Metal wide used chemical, printing industry transporting toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, lead. Electromagnetic Molten Metal Pump also used for unclear power and nuclear fusion conveying liquid metal (sodium or potassium, sodium-potassium alloy, lithium-lead).

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